Best PvP Base Design

Best PvP Base Design


This is an in-depth guide i made for people who are new to PvP and need help on how to raid top tier bases as well as construct them. If this is all old information, skip to the tips and tricks in each section for information that would interest even a top tier player. As far as i can tell alot of this info is a public secret. There are a few key tips and tricks that few people know or reveal. I hope these help you as much as they did for me. 9/20/18 DISCLAIMER: I know this is an overly long guide and I intend to fully clean it up and follow it up with a simple short guide of the tips and tricks.


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Let's first get this straight, towers are ok base design. They have their benefits.


1.) Can and will baffle newbies or average players

2.) If you put a sea of landclaim blocks around the tower, the time investment skyrockets to

levels most wont put forth

3.) ♥♥♥♥♥♥ Sweet to live in


1.) Can collapse easily

2.) Alot of materials put forth for little gain

3.) Can rocket down a wall and minibike in

I won't sugar coat it, towers are the hardest base design to pull off well. Every ounce of stone you put forth will be to just making sure nobody straight up collapses it. By its very nature the easiest part to raid is a cross section of it, making it easy to collapse. A good sized tower will be 10x10x250 and that's the difficulty. It's expensive to built and if you get 4 people, some augers and time, it will fall fast.

Let's say you really want a tower though, here's how you make a tower worthy of a king.

First off, your first concern is people straight up collapsing it all. It has to be dense and it has to be wide. I would say as a primarily solo player i can only mentally handle a 10x10 tower with a solid 6x6 tower of concrete in the middle of it, kind of like this picture. This is to massively ramp up the amount of effort to collapse with the ring around the center to walk. This drives up the blocks to remove from 36 to 72, double the strength! That means to collapse it, you need to remove 520,000! Obviously increase these numbers by just building bigger, but i wouldnt suggest any larger unless you got 3 or more people as the extra steps in the guide are about as hard to achieve.

We got the width down, but how tall should we go? All the way! People can minibike jump onto the roof and the only reason you're building a tower is to prevent people from so much as gazing upon your loot room so you might as well do it right.

Your tower is now complete, your next step is a sea of land claim blocks. If you think i'm joking i mean it. You want at least 4-6 blocks tall of concrete extended out as far as you're mentally capable of handling. Intersperse as many land claim blocks as you can and paint them the color of the blocks you're using to hide them. Yes land claims are expensive, yes this will be alot of concrete blocks, but you're in this to be a king of the world, not to build practically. I would recommend your landclaim zone reach to at least 15 blocks away from the base. The further out the landclaim zone reaches, the further down minibikes will fall and the harder it is to reach the top.

Tip: Stuff more land claims into the sides of your sea of concrete as they are likely to remove it all along the sides as opposed to the corner as that is the weakest point in the design.

So probably after days of all nighters and too much mining, you have finally made your shining castle, but where do you put the loot? This question is very tough to answer. Inherintly the toughest spot to break into is the top, which is why that is the worst spot to place it. Putting your gear at the top is simply too predictable. When people look at your tower they will make the snap judgement its either at the top or close to the very top. If 3-5 people decide to raid you with augers and have 8 hours of time they very likely will be able to raid you. Few will put the time in, but large groups will if they know where you live and have a reputation.

It's for this very reason I suggest placing it somewhere where people wont suspect. Try around the upper 1/2 of the tower or 3/4(2/3?). This should be too high to reach by staircasing the sides and not high enough to be suspected of the level to reach for gear. If you choose to do this, make sure you dont make it obvious that you did it. Example: You dont want it to be the lowest visible level where someone breaks into the bottom, sees the lowest level and guesstimates where to minibike jump into.

Tip: If you use the above tip, make it so that there is nothing but solid concrete above with no air pockets. If you leave it open and they're on your roof, they can easily fall down and break into it (full military armor means you can easily survive a skylimit to bedrock fall)

Raiding Towers

So you want to dethrone the king. They've been living in their ivory tower for too long and you had enough. Lucky for you, towers are favored by the wealthy and built by the stupid. Here are the tricks to raiding for their gear.

1.) Collapse the tower

Remember how i wrote all that info on how you want to avoid collapse? Well the game is too glitchy to register it most of the time. I always play on large population server of 20+ and that tends to be enough to make towers stay in the air after some minor collapse, never enough for all of it to fall. HOWEVER, i personally do not trust that for a second. It could reglitch the entire tower into rubble or worse, actually finish off the entire tower if it calculates it right. The unpredictability of this and the fact 1/2 of the servers tend to ban collapsing or its effects, tends to make this the worst path or an inadvisable one.

2.) Literally blow it up with rockets

To pull this off you need alot of rockets and the highest tier rocket launcher you can obtain (recommended 500+ quality). Start launching rockets at the side of the tower until enough blocks break on the side to minibike jump in. This one is difficult to pull off for anyone not established and impossible for anyone if the protection is too high. Depending on the protection levels it could take anywhere from 150-700 rockets to break it. The way to test what your number is, take your high quality launcher and a rocket and shoot it at someone else's base while they're offline. Check the damage you dealt. Let's say it did 25 damage, you use this formula, (Block total health)/(Damage dealt). If you need help with total health of a block, you can find the values on the 7 Days 2 Die wikipedia by searching the name of the item. For quick reference its 9k for concrete blocks and 19k for steel. 9,000/25 would be 360 rockets, but that's assuming direct hits, keep in mind the damage immediately drops off by half for the block directly next to the explosion so i always assume its whatever rockets i would need +100 for whatever user error or additional blocks I need destroyed. Play it safe as you dont want to have to make rockets in the middle of the raid. Keep in mind rockets dont require brass and dont need much gunpowder, the hardest part about raiding like this is tape believe it or not, so keep that handy.

3.) Knock out the land claims and minibike jump onto the roof =/

This is the lamest and hardest way to raid, but the most reliable. First, check to see how far out the landclaim blocks go. If your landclaim radius is 5, that's 5 blocks away from the physical lcb giving it a 11x11 area. What this means is you have to clear out every landclaim block in that 11x11 area to allow you to build in a 1x1 area. With that you can nerd pole up and jump into the tower.

With the land cleared, here's a handy hint. You can only jump 5 blocks before it gets too far away. Range 6-9 means you have to place a drawbridge down at the top of a wood frame pillar. The drawbridge can be placed on that 1x1 and can walk along it and jump onto the roof. Lets say you need to jump even further, it starts to get sketchy. You sadly have to minibike jump and clear out all blocks leading to the point of contact to make the ramp.

Minibike Jumping

This is the most powerful tool you have in your toolkit for raiding. All you have to do is build a 1x1 wood frame tower all the way up to the height you need and make a 3x8 platform up on top of it. You will then upgrade just two of the frames to become solid so that you may place the minibike frame down, upgrade more blocks as needed. Kit out the frame will all the parts you need and your 500+ quality engine and drive off the ledge. If you did it right, you will fall right onto the roof or ledge you were aiming for. If not, simply change how much you back up on the ramp or the height of the platform.

Tip: Bring more than 1 minibike just in case. Many times you will get stuck in pits or lag glitches the minibike under the base or otherwise. I'd say a minimum of 3 bikes should be at your immediate disposal if time is of the essence. Obviously run less than 3 at your own risk

Tip: Shoot rockets at the side of a base until a hole is created. You can minibike into the hole and start digging from there. This is the most effective method against towers and can be effective against other bases if time is of the essence.

RNG Bull Shottery

If i want a quick and dirty base that i can feel safe in as soon as possible, i would choose this one. It can be as small as a 10x10 all the way on up to bases as large as 150x150x150, they all end up being just as safe. The secret? You want to spam Chests and Drawers. Put it in every room, hallways, and nook and cranny you can find.

The strength of this design is a paradigm of great base design. They won't know where your gear and they have to spend a significant amount of time to figure out the answer to that question.

Chests and drawers are simply broken. To break the lock on a simple wooden chest you have to get through 200 health, but it's calculated differently than others. Where i was doing 55 damage with a steel pick on concrete, a steel axe against a chest did 4 damage. This means it's almost as strong as concrete. 3000/55 = 54 and 200/4 = 50. Individually it wont be strong, but once you start spamming it on each and every single wall, any would be raider will be driven off fast.

When I first tried this base design, i put it at 0,0 by digging a pit and placed 500 chests down. I had 10 breaks ins, 9 of which straight up left. The 1 person who didnt spent 2 days digging out land claims and placing tnt to break open chests. He took out 95% of my base, but not the 5% that contained my gear. .

Drawers are the premium version of the wood chest. Equally as spammable too at a measly 8 forged iron. They have just as much space and are 3x as powerful at protecting your gear, putting it on par with reinforced concrete.

Unfortunately I have not run an extensive list of damage values for each loot container, so please do homebrew experiments to figure out if there is anything else stronger out there that is worth your time ^.^


Little resources invested for a strong base out the bat

Modular as each section is not reliant on the other to be strong

The simplest way to hide your loot room and loot

Mathematically impossible to raid if you give raiders absolutely nothing to go off of


People can easily listen in on what area drawers or chests are being opened to reduce rng

Any preference to detail like lighting, larger rooms, forges, or build materials will give away where your gear actually is. This can be a strength if you know how to play off people assumptions to your advantage.

You need alot of land claims to spam as that will be the weakest part of your base suprisingly.

A good base design for this in my opinion is to make a large amount of rooms that look exactly the same. Your goal isnt to keep people out so much as it is to just simply make sure nobody sees you moving gear in and out. Do maintain a sea of spikes around your base as anyone listening in can definitely tell which room you might store your gear in


1.) Never bunch gear up, EVER. If you're paranoid like I am, you would know that people get lazy and tend to bunch gear up. If you simply poke holes once every 2x2 or 3x3 area you will ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ speed up your search by 4-9 times and be just as effective.

2.)IMPORTANT INFO Either put codes on every chest and drawer or never put any on. I've seen people spam drawers and chests and not realize you can hold E and see if a code was put on it then break it. This literally undermines the entire design if you arent careful.

3.)I tend not to fully trust rng myself, so i toss in other shenanigans like hiding gear in walls as i want layers upon layers of confusion for any would be attacker. Let me reiterate, the "meta" of a good base is keeping your enemy guessing as to where your gear is.

4.)You can also spam drawers in spammed rooms for extra strength

Hole In The Ground

If you want the simplest answer to a base, literally just put a hole in the ground.


It's dirt cheap

Next to impossible to find if you cover the entrance well


People like minibikes and oh boy do they like to glitch under ground and allow you to see

everything around you.

Random chance encounters that reveal your base

Difficulty in masking forge noises or chest noises

If you really dont want to be a builder and dont want to learn the basics, you could do alot worse


NEVER place a land claim block down. People can use them to find your base

Try to keep your base close to the surface as long winding tunnels and rooms will help the

glitched survivors find your underground hut, i do suggest placing your hidden vault under a

lake as it will help with the noise problem and potentially glitching if you do it right

General Tips

1.)IMPORTANTStorage boxes can be painted. Simply paint it the material of the surrounding blocks and you're half way there. Just place it in a ceiling 7 blocks off the ground and they can't see the "open storage box (locked)" sign when jumping.

2.)Just build at bedrock. People can and will collapse any base built on dirt or stone.

3.)I'd suggest a minimum of concrete or steel. Any lower makes it too easy to break into. On my 16x protection server i was dealing ~50 damage with a 600 quality steel pick and max miner. ~30 with an auger which mines 3 times faster compared to the pick. Anything that isnt concrete and above will simply melt to anyone who isnt just starting.

4.)Be mindful of where you put your gear. The more detail, forges, mixers, etc you place in the area, the more likely that place is your main loot room and the more people will comb through it. If your base relies on people randomly guessing which room to break into, these will be a great indicator of where to break into.

5.)People will assume your gear is in the center of almost any design unless it is a tower, take advantage of this and place it off kilter, or better yet, place fake loot rooms where people will logically raid to.

6.)If you're concerned about someone taking out generators,forges, or crafting stations, you can encase it in concrete plates.. Just make sure it is accessible by steel hatch, anything below this will allow people to access the hidden stations if they look right along the edges.

7.)If you need to hit the panic button because alot of raiders want to mess you up, there are ways to get rid of them. If you hide stuff in your walls or want to take all gear out and hide it underground, you have options. You can change your door codes to something easy to guess like 1234 and put up signs saying "Your code was 1234? What an idiot" and a couple more signs bragging about it. You then make it seem like people broke in with putting up some fake broken wood chests with random insignificant loot. People will then assume you're picked clean and leave you alone for awhile again. Obvious downside is people know your layout, but that won't be an issue if you use almost any rng design i put up.

8.) Bring concrete mix along for big raids, you can upgrade enemy concrete into wet concrete to reduce health from 3k to 1.5k. This means you'll cut concrete's health by 50%, reinforced concrete by 16% and steel at 8%. This adds up as you raid major bases and concrete mix is alot more expendable than your time. Obviously do not attempt this if you're not a high enough rank in miner 69er to destroy the wet concrete before it dries.

9.)You can make a 100% concealed room

If you walk right up to the chest and open the door on yourself, the door will push you partially up into the plate and if you double click E on the door again it will push you fully up. This can help you with concealed rooms or secret exits.


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