Starting Tips for Subquakes Undead Legacy 7D2D Mod Ver 2.6

Starting Tips

This mod is designed for a slower experience in base building, to require more search/looting for required materials and has a crafting system that requires strategic thinking. Everything requires pro/con analysis and prioritizing. While a lot is familiar, much has been altered as well.

Which leads me to my first tip. Read the Journal! Not just the entries that start with UL either. Subquake has updated practically every journal entry with useful information like how/where to gather water, create honey or use “broadcasting” to make crafting and inventory management easier.

Most items require locating or creating schematics and making benches before creating the items. You can choose to research practically any item using Data points which you only get by scrapping schematics or skill books so carefully evaluate if you want to learn a schematic or scrap it for Data.

You’re able to pick up practically everything! Some things you can scrap from your backpack, some you can reuse (ex. Containers) or sell (ex. Appliances) and others take to a “safer” place to manually break it down (ex. Dumpsters). You will always get more resources from harvesting with tools than from using the scrap option.

Unlike vanilla 7D2D or most mods, you start with a “bug out bag” containing: Pants, Shirt and Boots. Bedroll. Pocket Knife. 9mm automatic with ~2 loads of ammo. First Aid Bandage and Pain Killer. Flashlight. Duct Tape. A couple of Repair Kits and Lockpicks. 1 Food and Water. Duct Tape and several Ropes. Most of these ropes will be used in the tutorial quests.

Tutorial Missions still earn you 4 perk points to spend at obtaining the visit the Trader quest. There is a skills chart which is learn/improve by doing as well as a revamp of the familiar Perk tree system which requires investing a perk point to open a specific tree. For example, It will take 2 perk points to get Sex Rex (1 in Strength to open the tree, the other to get it). As for the skills, make a point to discover/do actions to increase the skills. Each increase has an incremental effect up to the ones described at certain breakpoints (Level 20, 40, etc.) Ex. Exceeding your carry weight will increase Weightlifting…which increases your carry weight by 1 pound per skill level.

Attempt to pick every locked item you discover. I believe Hairpins are considered Level 10, Lockpicks are 25. Above that will require higher skill along with those tools. Jailbreakers give the opportunity to pick Level 100 locks with no skill developed. Or spend the dukes for Timed Charges to open any locked item. Will you find enough to cover the cost of the charge? You must decide.

The tutorial quests are:

Create First Tools: Gather Rocks, Branches and Grass to make a Rock Axe, Rock Pickaxe and Wooden Spear.

Create First Workstation: Gather Branches, Wood, Resin and Scrap Iron to make a Carpenter’s Bench. As of version 2.6 the trick of finishing a tree off with a knife to gather more resin does not work as well nor does iron ore scrap to Scrap Iron. You must gather Scrap Iron from metal items.

Craft Bow/Arrows: Gather all the usual resources and craft in the Carpenter’s Bench.

Completing this one gives you the Trader location and the 4 perk points mentioned above.

Tip: Craft rope in the Carpenter’s Bench then Primitive Repair Kits in the backpack before heading to the trader.

Tip: Craft a Stone Spear or Wooden Club in the Carpenter’s Bench to replace the Wooden Spear. Spears are much better than in vanilla. Longer reach than any other melee and the power attack is a stronger blow instead of throwing it.

Tip: Craft a Bone Knife in the Carpenter’s Bench to use instead of the Pocket Knife. Better stats and able to repair with a Primitive Repair Kit which you can craft rather than the standard Repair Kit which is expensive in resources AND locked into a higher tier bench.

Going to the Trader opens another quest line called Basics of Survival Guide. You must examine the pamphlet placed in your backpack to start these and completing each step gives experience.

Basics of Cooking: Craft or find and interact with a Campfire. Crafted in the Backpack. Hint: Use as in open, you don’t have to actually cook anything. The one in the Trader Compound counts.

Basics of Maintenance: Craft or find and interact with a Maintenance Station. Crafted in the Backpack. This is your clue this is the first station you want to craft. It’s the cheapest way to repair all your tools and weapons. Don’t be confused by the Trader’s Repair Station which requires dukes to repair items. The Maintenance Station uses resources you gather yourself (Stone, Grass, Scrap Iron, etc.).

Basics of Science: Craft or find and interact with a Research Station. Crafted in the Backpack. This is the last bench you start out knowing how to craft. All others will require you to find in loot or research them here, then craft in the Backpack OR another workstation.

Basics of Masonry: Craft or find and interact with an Artisan’s Table. You must craft the next 2 workstations here instead of in the Backpack.

Basics of Smelting: Craft or find and interact with a Furnace. Crafted in Artisan’s Table.

Basics of Smithing: Craft or find and interact with a Blacksmith’s Forge. Crafted in Artisan’s Table.

Advanced Carpentry: Upgrade Carpenter’s Bench OR Find and interact with Carpenter’s Bench (Tier 2). The beginning of the grind to upgrade each of the workstations, tools, weapons, armor, etc.

You get the idea. The other workstations are: Mechanic’s Table, Tailor’s Station and Workbench. All crafted in the Backpack.

There you go, all the things you would like to accomplish while preparing to survive Horde night. Good Luck. You’re gonna need it.


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