Starvation Mod Install Guide!

Installing Starvation Mod!

Learn where to download, and how to install Starvation mod for 7 Days to Die!

Video link if the YT preview below fails to load --> Starvation Mod Install Guide! <--

Main Starvation website --►

Starvation Mod on 7daystodie official forum --►

7DTD-Mod-Launcher on 7daystodie official forum --►

7D2D Mod Launcher website --►

⚫ Install modlauncher

⚫ Select starvation mod and copy base 7 days to die game

⚫ pre-synch to update/install actual Mod files

⚫ Run the game through the mod launcher!

⚫ Start a new game as per usual base game settings

⚫ Enjoy! Try not to die!

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