How to Disable TAA/Post Process Anti-aliasing for Sharpness


NOTE: DOES NOT WORK WITH DLSS OR UPSCALING METHODS. I believe using upscaling disables TAA anyways in favor of the upscaling techniques. Please disable any upscaling to see results.

Post process anti-aliasing looks like garbage, especially at 1440p and above. Unfortunately, the current trend in game development is to force TAA or sometimes FXAA to hide various graphical artifacts/glitches. Here is how to disable the post process anti-aliasing to improve clarity and overall graphical fidelity.


Step 0:

Read the note in the introduction.

Step 1:

Browse to "\Documents\Battlefield 2042\settings"

Step 2:

Open "PROFSAVE_profile" with a text editor, such as notepad.

Step 3:

Scroll (or use ctrl+f) to find "GstRender.AntiAliasingPost" and set the value to 0, so that the line reads "GstRender.AntiAliasingPost 0". Be sure not to edit any other values unless you know what you're doing.

Step 4:

Save the file without changing the name.


Start the game normally, and you should see noticeable improvement. To revert the changes, either set the value back to 1, or delete "PROFSAVE_profile" and restart the game. I have no idea if this conflicts with any other settings, so revert the changes if you encounter any strangeness. I am not responsible for anything this may break (though nothing should), so do this at your own risk.


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