Notes of Karryn's Prison

Notes of Karryn's Prison

Sadist Build (trying To Avoid Masochism)

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Desires to focus on (Sadism)C*ck



Desires to avoid (Masochism)Mouth


Things that increase Sadism Handjob



Vaginal sex

Enemies ejaculate on the floor

Subdue enemies with erection with an attack skill

Use skill C*ck kick

Things that increase MasochismSuck fingers


Get spanked

Run out of stamina

Fall down


Orgasm from dirty talk

Facial bukkake

Early game gameplan On early game I like to start focusing on reduce expenses, subduing inmates and fight the guards to get money and start with sexual skills supressing Mouth and Butt desires.

Keep in mind that the lower order you have, the more money by subsidies you earn and there will be more enemies in battle.

Fighting guards can be good to get enemies ejaculate on the floor but you need to hold C*ck desire below 35.

By default at 50 desire and being nude you can start getting Handjobs but you need to lose your clothes by getting hit by angry enemies.

I think in early, the best way is to try that guards ejaculate to the floor to obtain the skill 'Deny External Ejaculations' that can be obtained after let enemies ejaculate on the floor at least 16 times.

After that you can activate the skill and try to get Handjobs and they will ejaculate to the floor without worrying by C*ock desire.

Once you experience at least 15 handjobs, you unlock the sexual skill Handjob to subdue easier enemies that are tough physically defense high like Thugs.

When Karryn is near of orgasm try to doing so being sadistic, for example, hitting an enemy and reach 100% pleasure.

If Karryn have high pleasure when resting, their fatigue restoration will be worst but she can masturbate to bypass this. When she ends masturbation can be invaded and if have unwanted desires up in battle she can unlock unwished passives that can be harmful to the sadistic build.

One tip to avoid this is to orgasm in battle before trying to rest but in early game is hard to have this under control, another option is to rest normally and get the penalty.

Early game resources managementI think default Emperor's Secretary title is an overkill to our money, so at first I remove this one to use another title, for example change it to Cost Saving Supervisor.

Emperor's Secretary

Cost Saving Supervisor

Next, the main Edicts I unlock are

Prison Guards for Office

Self Paid Equipment

Mind Training I

Healing Thoughts

Very good Edict, this skill can be used to hold your energy high when you are in trouble.

Remember, when Karryn is on the floor she can use energy skills to resist pleasure and when she has an orgasm the energy will drop dramatically. Following the sadist build, we need to avoid to been defeated.

to be continued !


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