Soldiers of Calradia

Soldiers of Calradia

Soldiers Of Calradia

This guide details the changes made in the Solders of Calradia mod for Mount and Blade Warband.

IMPORTANT:Soldiers of Calradia is not compatible with Native saves. To play this mod you must start a new game.

Included ModsFirearm models done by Llew as part of the Flintlock and Firearms OSP[]

Mod is based on the source code for Diplomacy 4.2[]

What is Soldiers of CalradiaSoldiers of Calradia is a single player mod for Mount and Blade: Warband. It is primarily a troop mod but has expanded to include a small selection of other tweaks to the game including the addition of simple firearms and increased difficulty for female characters.

List of major changes and tweaks to Warband made by Soldiers of Calradia:

Troop and Horse changes:

New troop trees for all major factions.

New stats for all horses.Recruitment changes:

Female Camp Followers added to taverns for hire with mercenaries.

Option to hire manhunters encountered on the map, if honour is high enough.

Option to forcibly conscript troops from villages, has serious honour, reputation, and moral penalties.Female Character changes:

Female characters need more renown to earn fiefs and gain controversy more quickly.

Added of appropriate titles for the wives of lords.Item changes:

Added simple firearms.

Increased ammo for ranged weapons.Arena, Training, and Tournament changes:

New ranged training for firearms.

Added thrown weapons to arena fights.

Options to choose weapon in arena fights and sparing training.

Rewards for the arena fights and tournaments have been increased.

Swadia Troops

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Swadia features heavy troops with an emphasis on their heavy infantry and cavalry. Both their infantry and cavalry branches extend up to tier six. It is this ability to have higher tier units which gives Swadia an advantage more than having troops that are superior to others in the same tier.

Swadian doctrine is to pin enemies between their heavy infantry and cavalry. Their ranged units can soften up the enemy before contact but are there more for siege defence than combat on open fields.

InfantrySwadia`s infantry are slow and heavy. They favour one handed swords and shields, which doesn’t give them a lot of killing power but does give them more survivability. They’re one of the slowest infantry units but also the most heavily armoured. Swadian doctrine is to use infantry as an avail upon which their cavalry can pin enemy forces.

CavalrySwadia`s heavy hitters are their cavalry. Equipped with lances and two handed swords Swadian cavalry is some of the hardest hitting in Calradia. It is also some of the heaviest. Only Sarranid Cataphract have more heavy armoured horses and no unit is more heavy armoured than the Swadian knights. Despite this armour however, they are very vulnerable once unhorsed.

CrossbowmenSwadia`s crossbowmen are not as good as their Rhodok counterparts. They carry smaller crossbows and aren’t as capable at fighting in melee. They’re still not bad to have in a siege though, or in any extended fight for that matter.

PowdermenSwadia`s powerdermen are a unique unit that make use of the added firearms. These troops are equipped well enough to fight in melee and are the closest Swadia has to a skirmisher unit. Their intended use is against heavily armoured and well shielded troops. At level 25 these units are essentially tier 5 although they upgrade from the tier three crossbowmen.

Veagir Troops

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The Veagirs have some impressive offensive power but they also tend to take heavier casualties. The Veagir army is more mismatched than most other factions. To compensate their units are cheaper, their low level units are a bit more capable than other factions, and they lack any tier six units.

Veagir armies are difficult to coordinate. Although they have strong archers their infantry and cavalry can't withstand return fire very well forcing the Veagir into offensive tactics. With infantry and cavalry pressing the attack Veagir skirmishers are often left to fill the gap providing a screen for the vulnerable archers.

InfantryVeagir infantry favours two handed weapons, especially bardiche and axes. These long reaching weapons however come a the cost of shields. And while they’re reasonably well armoured lacking shields they are not very strong defensively and are especially vulnerable to ranged weapons. They do have speed though, they’re the fastest infantry available especially at lower levels.

CavalryVeagir cavalry is faster than either the Swadian or Sarraid heavy cavalry and like the infantry they too favour heavy two handed weapons. Their lighter horses however make them more vulnerable to unhorsing and their weapons are even less suited to fighting alone on foot than the Swadian cavalry.

SkirmishersThe Veagir`s light and heavy skirmishers perform very different roles. Their light skirmishers are actually equipped with small bows and are usable as a mobile archers. They’re still capable of getting into a melee as well though not as well as other skirmishers. The heavy skirmishers are more heavily armoured and carry one handed throwing and melee weapons as well as shields. Their shields make them more suitable as defenders than other Veagir units but they’re still mobile and can support the infantry on offensive as well.

ArchersVeagir archers are the best shots in Calradia and they’re well equipped with the best bows and arrows. They are however, very lightly armoured. Veagir archers need to be kept out of melee fights.

Khergit Troops

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The Khergit are an entirely mounted force with even their recruits being mounted. They prefer speed over armour and lack any heavy cavalry, sticking instead with light and medium cavalry. Their advantage is speed and on open battlefields their ranged light horsemen and mounted archers can harass the enemy very effectively.

Khergit tactics usually involve using their speed advantage to first pick a nice flat area to fight where their faster mounted units will be able to manoeuvre. In battle the primary goal is to keep the lighter Khergit cavalry from being boxed in. Light horsemen can flank the enemy and draw out any enemy cavalry so it can be charged from the side by the lancers. Eliminating enemy archers is a second priority as they can down the Khergit horses. After that there’s little infantry forces can do against horse archers.

LancersLancers are the Khergit`s heaviest cavalry units. Being closer to medium than heavy cavalry these units are fast enough to run circles around Swadian or Sarranid heavy cavalry. Equipped with lances, these units are quite deadly when using their speed to charge. They also carry one handed weapons and have a preference for hafted blades. Because the Kherit lack foot units lancers have to double as foot during sieges, thus they’re not as useless as other mounted units when unhorsed.

Light HorsemenLight horsemen are the Khergit skirmishers. Trading some of the lancers` skill with melee weapons for throwing these units are a little more versatile than the lancers and ride lighter faster horses.

Mounted ArchersKhergit horse archers are the best ranged mounted units in Calradia. Riding fast coursers and having as much skill with a bow as the Veagir archers these units can be hard to catch and still able to inflict damage.

Nord Troops

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The Nord are a singular faction relying almost exclusively on their main infantry line. They lack cavalry, have poor archers, and, with their main infantry line equipped with throwing weapons, they have no need of skirmishers.

To be most effective the Nord need to break the enemy up so their infantry can get in close an use their shorter range weapons. To do this they can either let the enemy charge them and spread out during the charge, or use their axemen to open up a hole.

InfantryThe Nord main infantry is very good and quite flexible. Well armoured and shielded yet still fast and well equipped. They carry shorter one handed weapons and good shields. These units are fearsome against other infantry, and although they are more vulnerable to cavalry their throwing axes can bring down lighter horses.

AxemenNord axemen are shock troops. Faster than the main infantry and armed with long two handed axes these troops can inflict heavy casualties in short order although they themselves will take heavy losses as well. These units have the reach to better deal with heavy cavalry and can also give the main infantry the hole they need to break an enemy line up into a melee brawl where they perform best.

BowmenNord bowmen are not generally highly sought after for their skills with the bow. They are some of the toughest archers in Calradia, able to stand up to a melee brawl better than most other ranged units. Which is good as their smaller bows and poorer aim mean they need to be closer to the battle than other archer units.

Rhodok Troops

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The Rhodoks have an elegantly simple army. Their troops are cheaper but still well trained, tough, and well equipped. Their units are slow and they lack cavalry but few forces can charge a Rhodok infantry line and come out ahead.

Rhodok armies are strong, as long as they remain cohesive. A tight wall of pikes can be nearly impossible to push though but break them apart and their long weapons become unwieldy. Rhodok doctrine is therefore simple: a tight wall of pikemen with crossbows behind it. Enemies that charge will do so right into the pikemen and enemies that choose to hold at range will face hails of bolts from the Rhodoks while their own fire is harmlessly impacts the Rhodok's large shields.

Heavy PikemenRhodok heavy pikemen are the backbone of the Rhodok army. Exemplary infantry against cavalry and on defence. Their only weakness is they're too slow to do much but defend. Although the line ends at tier five Rhodok sergeant pikemen can be compared to the tier six Swadian and Nord infantry units.

Light PikemenRhodok light pikemen are faster and more lightly armoured than the heavy piekment and carry some throwing weapons. These troops are effectively skirmishers for the Rhodoks. They're are a bit tougher in a melee fight than most skirmishers and light infantry, but also slower and less capable at range. They give the Rhodok army some ability to move and flank enemies.

CrossbowmenRhodok crossbowmen are very well equipped and skilled with crossbows. They can't keep up the rate of fire archers can but make up for it with more damage per shots and a higher overall damage potential before they run out of bolts. These troops are what make up for Rhodok's slow infantry by giving the army a way to reach out and hit at range. And like other Rhodok troops the crossbowmen are still tough and cable of defending themselves in a melee fight.

Sarranid Troops

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Sarranid forces are adapted to fighting on the open desert. Their foot troops are light and mobile and they have a large focus on cavalry. They generally can't withstand direct assaults but with with light and heavy cavalry to harry and coral enemy forces they shouldn't have to.

Sarranid tactics involve using their cavalry to break enemy forces so their faster archer and light infantry can position themselves to attack from range at the enemy’s flanks or rear. Light cavalry should be used to pull enemy cavalry out to where it can be hit by the heavy cavalry and to attack and remove enemy archers from the field.

InfantrySarranid infantry is mostly light and second only to the Vaegir infantry in speed but equipped with spears, shields, and throwing weapons instead of heavy two handed weapons. The Sarranid infantry is more there to harass enemy forces form range and only charge in once the enemy forces have been broken by cavalry. At tier five the Sarranid do get a guard infantry unit that is effective in withstanding charges.

Light CavalrySarranid light cavalry is fairly fast and equipped with ranged weapons to be able to keep their distance and harrass enemy forces.

Heavy CavalrySarranid heavy cavalry is equipped with the slowest and most heavily armoured horses. They favour lances and one handed weapons. They're quite effective post charge when in melee

ArchersSarranid archers are like their infantry, fast. These troops are the fastest archers in Calradia and can keep up a good barrage of arrows going too. They are however not the most damaging or the best shots and they're vulnerable in melee fighting.

Mercenary Troops

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Mercenaries are fairly basic generic troops. Their strength is their ability to be recruited fully trained from taverns. They're costly though and generally less effective than their faction counterparts.

InfantrySwordsmen and hired blades are simple infantry equipped with swords and shields. These troops are good against other infantry, but don't have weapons equipped to deal with cavalry.

CavalryThe mounted mercenary troops are decently equipped with lances and swords; however, they don't have the best horses.

CrossbowmenBecause they skip a tier mercenary crossbowmen are fairly cheap to train up. They're still only tier four though and generally less effective than the Rhodok or Swadian crossbowmen.

Female Troops

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Female troops are a little less rare in Soldiers of Calradia. They're still not common but low tier ones can be occasionally found in taverns looking for work with the mercenary troops. They're quite weak at low tiers but come into their own at tier four and five. They are however cheaper than faction troops and a fair bit cheaper than mercenary troops.

Sisters of the SwordSisters of the sword are flexible mounted troops equipped with some ranged weapons and swords. They tend to ride rouncey type horses and are therefore fairly quick and manoeuvrable.

Sister in ArmsThese are effective infantry similar to the Rhodok pikemen. As such they're fairly flexible and able to deal with other infantry and cavalry.


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Horses have been grouped into four categories: pack horses, rounceys, coursers, and destriers. In generally horses have significantly less armour and more charge damage. There's also a greater range in speed and manoeuvrability among the horses.

Pack HorsesPack horses are the sumpter and saddle horses. They’re cheap but don’t have much else going for them.

RounceysRounceys are cheaper basic warhorses. They’re cheaper and more manoeuvrable than most, of average speed and armour, but have lower hit points and charge damage. These horses include: Rounceys, Chargers, Veagir Chargers, and Steppe Chargers.

CoursersCoursers are fast and strong. They’re lightly armoured, have average manoeuvrability, but are fast and do a lot of charge damage. These horses include: Sarranid Horses, Steppe Horses, and Coursers.

DestriersDestriers are the heaviest warhorses. These horses are the most heavy armoured but also the slowest and least manoeuvrable. These horses include: Hunters, War Horses, Swadian War Horses, and Sarranid War Horses.


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