Fictional Tanks Museum

Fictional Tanks Museum


Vehicle blueprints are for V0.12415 Experimental.

I hereby take no responsibility for outcome of anyone actually trying to play through any scenario using the Ford 3-Ton. It's on you. Characteristic of this thing are close to the original save for the weapon (but there were plans of maybe fixing it with light gun).

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Char Renault FT

Fictional Tanks Museum image 6

Tech: WW I

Cannon: 37×94 mm R

Probably the most common late WW I and Interwar tank.

Ford 3-Ton

Fictional Tanks Museum image 11

Tech: WW I

Cannon: 37×94 mm R

Barely useful for anything, but it was accepted only as a supply carrier and an artillery tractor. Upgunned 37mm cannon version was proposed, but never built.

Ford 4-Ton Experimental

Fictional Tanks Museum image 16

Tech: WW I

Cannon: 37×94 mm R

From an alternate universe where Ford automotive decides to pursue their FT fetish harder than only making 3-Ton and 3-Man projects. A developent of 3-Ton enlarged enough to include some armor and a third crew member, it sort of worked but the Congress didn't want to pay for it anyway.

M1917 was deemed good enough.

Bratten-Vickers Medium

Fictional Tanks Museum image 22

Tech: WW I

Cannon: QF 6-pounder

Fictional development of a fictional tank. Vickers effort to see if they can improve on the foreign-built M4 Bratten already in use with the RTR. The improvements consisted mostly replacing the gun with the QF 6-pdr already in use on British-made tanks and moving it to a turret.

It worked, some early tanks were used before the Armistice, then the post-war budget cuts axed the project anyway.


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