Fictional World of Ceria

Fictional World of Ceria

Vehicles Of The United Regions

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These are tanks of the mighty United Regions, who chants freedom across the world with great vast quantities of military power. Time period is from 1940-1952.

M5 Medium Tank

This was the workhorse of the URA during the Second World War and proved to be a very capable and versatile vehicle including many upgrades.

A M5A3(W)76, a vastly extensive upgrade from the original design.

M6 Tank Destroyer

Developed from the M5 Medium Tank hull, this Tank Destroyer was quickly put into service to help destroy enemy armour advancing towards Infantry. These were widely loved for their hard punching gun, excellent visibility, and reliable armour.

A M6 TD shooting an enemy tank in the vicinity.

M8 Tank Destroyer

To be the successor of the rushed M6 program, the M8 was to outperform even the expectations of the designers, but soldier complained of its lack of armour. 2 upgrades were made to rectify its lack of armour and another to give it more punching power.

2 M8E1(W)90 Tank Destroyers sit in wait as enemy vehicles approach them.

M12 Tank Destroyer

The Best Tank Destroyer the United Regions Armed Forces can roster, these were very hard hitting with their 90mm L52 guns while also sporting adequate armour protection against most enemy shells on the front to which crews enjoyed heavily. These tanks could travel at fast speeds to move from one position to another like the M8 and proved to have excellent visibility like the M6. A true mix of the best of both previous Tank Destroyers.

A beefier version of the M12 watching over a field in Rechulior.

M20 Heavy Tank

Coming into the much later than anticipated, these Heavy Tanks proved to be very capable machines in the last stages of the war. The tank would not see much service life after the wars end.

Several M20 Heavy Tanks in a column advancing to their next objective

M40 Main Battle Tank

Working off the M20 Heavy Tank program, the M40 would become the United Regions first Main Battle Tank. Although 10 were built by the Second World Wars end, none ever saw action in the conflict. The M40 proved to be a great improvement over the M20 even though it looks almost the same as its predecessor. The M40 would see some combat in the Bervundian Civil War but was soon replaced by much better and more up to date MBTs.

A M40 MBT taking position in a field.

M52 Medium/Main Battle Tank

(Still updating this tank) When the tank first saw service in 1952, some referred it to a Medium Tank due to how it was used although it was built as a Main Battle Tank. Much larger than its predecessors, the tank was dubbed "The Big Honker" concerning its large size and the massive long 105mm gun. The tank saw extensive service in the Bervundian Civil War to which it was found to be very capable. It's biggest downside was the sheer size of the vehicle which made it very easy to spot during a battle.

The M52 compared to a Draconian Mehacle Medium Tank.

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Historical Tanks

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For Fun/Other Tanks

These tanks I made just for fun or have come from role plays I have done in the past.


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