How to make a tankette

Hull Design

First, change to the rectangular freeform hull. This will be your base. Use the face tool to create a hull about 2-3 meters long and 1-2 meters wide. Shape as you like, but you must have some mostly flat face to mount a mantlet on. DO NOT add a turret. Remove all armor.

Cannon Design

Next add a mantlet, preferably with azimuth. Make the cannon 20-40 mm, remove mantlet armor, and get rid of some ammo. You only need around 10-20 rounds.

Engine/Track Design

Change the track separation so that the tracks fit to the side of the tank, and set the track width to the minimum. Make the engine as light ass possible, use clutch braking, and use the minimum possible number of gears. Get rid of all fuel and attach external fuel tanks instead. They can also function as armor.


Get rid of all but one tank crew member. Assign the remaining member as driver, loader, and gunner.


Add more details like decals and camo and whatever other modifications you want.


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