Oscillating turret tanks!

Oscillating turret tanks!


Oscillating turret tanks! image 1
Oscillating turret tanks! image 2

HI guys!

So one day I was wondering if it is possible to create a tank with an oscillating turret in sprocket and decided to try it out.

As you can tell, things worked pretty well but i ran into some problems during designing so I've decided to create this guide to help you make one of your own!

Also i haven't found any other guides here on this topic.

Pic related is my take on somewhat yoh-like tank, which is my first one.

And this is Emil-ish tank i've made recently

Oscillating Turret Basics, Pro Ad Contra


So, you've decided to create an osclillating turret of your own. First of all, we need to understand the basic principles of it.

Basically, oscillating turret consists of 2 turrets - one is responcible for rotating your turret around, and the other one moves along Y axis. Thus, we don't need to traverse our cannon at all.

Oscillating turrets have some strengths and weaknesses.

1. No need to traverse your gun, thus no need to install gun traverse drive at all

2. Looks cool. Period.

3. Because of the placement of the Y-turret higher than hull - increased gun depression (Actually, vertical angles are defined by you, but more on that later)

4. High traverse speed on both axes.

1. It's freaking huge!

2. Probably you will run into some problems with internal spacing (but generally they aren't so bad and can be solved with enough basket space)

3. Designing oscillating turret is not... trivial, let's put it this way. More on that riiight now!

Designing (abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here)

Basically i guess because of the unity stuff this process is tricky to say the least.

Let's divide it into subchapters.

1. Making Y-turret (the one that swings)Yes, you will need to start with this one.

Basically, there are 2 ways to do that:

1. Design it like you would design a normal turret and write down all of the polygon positions(they are somewhere in the compartment tab, you'll find them). Keep in mind that after placing it down, it will be hard to customize it using your eyes only, so don't get too carried away.


After the installing the coordinate system will change. "Up" will mean "Right" and visa versa. "Forward" positions stays the same.

2. MAKE THE WHOLE THING SIDEWAYS FROM THE START and save it. (almost impossible, nearly died when tried it myself, do not recommend). This way you will basically have it ready to install onto the second turret right away. But it's... a bit too inconvinient.

2. Making lower turret (the one that rotates)No big deal here but keep in mind that you want to make the surface on which you will place your upper turret as level as possible (use polygon positions to ensure that).

3. Installing the turretOh boy, here we go.

Now, what you have to do is to place any freeform turret on the place you want it to be placed and split edges untill you get the number of polygons you have in your original Y-turret.

Then carefully input all of your written down positions.


After the installing the coordinate system will change. "Up" will mean "Right" and visa versa. "Forward" positions stays the same.

Also, some of the coordinates will enevitably change due to the rotation.

From now on, those little colorful arrows will lie to you (except green one, this one is cool) AND you would want "Mirror" function turned off because of the coordinate shenanigans. If you want to customize your turret from now on, be really careful.

This process is the hardest one, i promise.

4. Installing a cannonNow for the easy part.

Because of the rotation, gun will be installed facing upwards. To negate that rotate the whole turret using the funny spinny circles on yor turret ring 90 degrees upwards so that gun would be on the right place.


Manlet will inevitably rotate 90 degrees so try to pick simmetrical ones.

After installing, rotate the whole turret back so it faces the right direction.

Do not forget to:1. Make your gun constaints 0 deg/ 0 deg, so it doesn't move in the turret.

2. Input your Y-turret constraints so that they correspond with needed vertical angles (otherwise your turret will clip through your hull trying to make some sommersaults)

And that's basically it!

Source: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2904056008					

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