Tanks... that's it.

Tanks... that's it.



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- Yet again just an update for the M103 model, although it did need it since the last updates.

- Heavily edited the turret model configuration, better sloping on either side of the turret cheeks and added range finders on either side of the turret, towards the rear where the commander sits (these are week points, but not easy to hit while moving, and the AI generally don't aim for them)

- Updated the M103 so that it has proper ammunition racks.

- Removed the Coaxial .50 cals, they were a bit of a hassle so I took them off for now. (Historically speaking it only had dual .30cals however)

- Tuned the reverse gear to allow more responsive and faster reverse speed.

- Been a pretty depressing past year so having the want to sit down and make tanks has been lacking a lot, doesn't help everytime I do get the drive something comes up. Life eh. I'll try to add actual tanks this next time.

- Put up a new link for downloads.


- Updated M103A2, not a big change mostly just placing the turret farther forward, edited the turret cheeks slightly to match up better and boated the upper plate out more like the RL counterpart does.

- Re-arranged the twin .50 cal coax machineguns to be on either side of the upper mantle rather than just the right side, gunner sights are move lower to the right of the gun, both sights are now aligned with one another.


- Fixed link because it was red flagging it at first (why?).

- More tanks to be added in time, starting with America and going down the list (Germany, Russia, France, Britain, etc.).

America's Last Heavy

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- The M103 was the peak of the American heavy tank program that operated from the early 1920's till shortly into the cold war in the 1950's, when the program was was scrapped. The M103 was purpose built for support duty in light of the limitations of the current primary armored vehicle of the US military, the M48 Patton (M48A1-M48A3) that had a distinct lack in firepower compared to main armored vehicles of other countries, such as that of the Soviet Union and it's T54/55 series of vehicles. Originally though it was designed as a counter to recent advancements in Soviet heavy tanks such as the IS-3, that was revealed to the world and flaunted heavily at the end of WWII during the soviet victory parades. The main feature of the tank was it's whopping (for the time at least) 120mm M58 Smooth-bore anti-tank cannon, which was specifically designed to be capable of penetrating up-words of 100mm of sloped (at a 40 degree angle), rolled homogeneous steel at up to 800m distance. The vehicle was in service from 1957 to 1974, and over 300 units in total were produced from 1951 to 1953. The M103, as it was, had plenty of reliability problems regarding the engine and suspension being fairly unreliable. Although these issues were common with other vehicles of the time from other countries, the weight of the tank made these issues more common, and in the mid to late 60's the vehicle went under a refitting into the M103A2 variant. The tank would receive a number of upgrades regarding the engine, transmission, and suspension primarily. Though, a small improvement on the FCS was also included, helping improve the aging weapons reliability. Though with nearly 20 years of service to its name, the tank would never see action due to its reliability issues and overall weight, and would see an end to its career in 1974, near the end of the Vietnam War. Later versions of the M60 Patton would come to take its place, and even the early variants of the M1 Abrams would be assigned to their first posts around this time. In all, the tank wasn't a huge success, and in general was underused due to its lack of reliability and a general disliking to the vehicles low mobility and agility.


- The model represented in-game has a similar 120mm main cannon. The mobility is somewhat low, with only a top speed of 23.16 mph (37.27 kph) and very slow turning rate on the hull. The turret however gets a better turning speed and weapon elevation/depression rate. The armor is more than likely the most complex part of the vehicle, having multiple different armor thicknesses across the front of both the turret and hull, this vehicle relies heavily on the angle with the hull boasting anywhere from 201mm at it's thickest to 36mm at its weakest points from the front. The turret fairs better with up to 254mm of plating and heavily sloped 127mm side plates, along with a thick and well shaped gun mantle allowing the vehicle to perform fairly well in hull down positions. Though it's very weak when flanked due to its thin 51mm side plates, and cannot stand on its own most of the time, especially if outnumbered.


- Americans: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1MO-5RTDephchexfa6-GIaoRU_cWzSgx5





Source: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2865318345					

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