Challenge: "Non-Believer" (Mountain Base)

Challenge: "Non-Believer" (Mountain Base)


Challenges is a side tasks in game. They not required to complete storyline, but can give you extra xp and fun. But they required to finish game on 100% and to achieve "Inconceivable!" achievement.

I wrote this guide because items, required to complete challenge, is hard to find and they not marked on map, unlike other tasks.

I split a guide on locations, because if write everything in one pass, it will too big. Maybe I combine everything into one later.

Items are listed in the order, which they are encountered throughout the game. Of course you can always go back to the desired location and to find the missing items.

Challenge Overview

Challenge: Non-Believer.

Location: Mountain Base.

You need to find posters (may be this is banners, I don't know exactly), who hanging in different places of this level, and burn them. If you visit this location for first time there is two ways to burn poster: ignite with your torch or throw lantern on poster. There is 5 posters and you need find and burn them all.

#01 Near Stairs

Challenge: "Non-Believer" (Mountain Base) image 10

Go down the corridor until you find a stairs. (Corridor is barricaded, so you need pass this barricade through side room). When you reach end of corridor you will find a stairs on right side and door on left side. Go in this door and you will find poster right infront of you.

#02 Ventilation Window

Challenge: "Non-Believer" (Mountain Base) image 13

Go upstairs, pass another corridor and climb in locked room through ventilation window. After you climb in, turn and look on wall under ventilation window. Poster hangs under this window.

#03 Second Big Room

Challenge: "Non-Believer" (Mountain Base) image 16

Now you stay in big room. You can see the second room, separated with this one by two big windows. To reach second room you need blow gas in small room between big windows . After you did it go to second room and look right. Poster hangs on right wall, near corner of this wall and broken window.

#04 Below Campfire

Challenge: "Non-Believer" (Mountain Base) image 19

In the next room you traps in ambush . On the far side is small room with campfire on roof. Go to this room, turn right and you find another poster hanging on wall.

#05 Radio Room

Challenge: "Non-Believer" (Mountain Base) image 22

Go through the corridor below campfire. Soon you reach room with radio control. Do not step in this room because you trigger cutscene. Take a look on right wall of the small corridor between room and last door. Poster hangs on this wall.


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