Guide For Increase FPS Low Laptop User ( Low Spec PC / Laptop )

For Low End User Setting

So here's the guide

Try Lowest Configuration from launcher :

1. Launch The Tomb Raider Game

2. on Tomb raider launcher select option

3. Configure in Launcher :

Basic :

- Fulscreen / No

- Display / Select your best GPU INTEL or NVIDIA or Radeon (VGA)

- Window Size / 800x600

- Aspect Ratio / 4:3

- Motion Blur / No

- Screen Effect / No

- Quality / Custom

Advanced :

- Texture Quality / Low

- Post Processing / No

- Texture Filter / Bilinear

- Anti Aliasing / Off

- Shadows / Off

- Level of Detail / Low

- Hair Quality / Normal

- Reflection / Off

- Depth of Field / Off

- SSAO / Off

Then OK.

Try play the game and If still lagging after using Launcher setting, look down for Some tweaks for you Low Machine user

Tweak Setting For Increase FPS

4. Some Setting in Registry :

- Press Start menu and type in search box "regedit" without mark

- Go to HKEY_Current_User/Software/Crystal Dynamics/Graphics

- Find and select registry called "RenderAPI" thend open it, change the value to 9 ( 9 for DirectX 9)

- Then find registry named "TextureQuality" and open it, change the value to 1

- After that, create new registry. Right click on white box, New > DWORD 32bit Value, and Rename MultiCoreFlushMode, then set the value to 1

5. Test The Game.

After Testing The New Setting

On my Laptop The fps when explore the place is lock on 60 fps, but when battle with enemy locked on 30 fps but sometimes droped into 27 fps.

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