King Discord without cheaters

King Discord without cheaters


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Hello. This is king of Tomb Raider. I made a black list of cheaters in this game.

More information about these cheaters you can find on my YouTube channel.

I recommend pre-adding these Steam accounts to the blacklist.

So it will be easier for you in the future to know that a cheater is playing against you, even if he changes his nickname.

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How To Identify Cheater

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What cheats are there?Unlimited ammo

No Reloading




Easykill - Kills from one bullet from any weapon.

Custom Jump - Hacked jump of different heights, ranges and speed.

health replenishment or damage reduction.

Arrows of Zeus. Exploding arrows.

High accuracy

Be sure to check out the video tutorials.

More briefly, how to understand that the player is a cheater.

1.The character glides on the surface. Moves like a puppet. Doesn't match action animation.

Can move the character when he sits in place. Sharply peeks out of cover.

2.Cheater doing jumps followed by a roll.

3.A cheater can see your nickname at any distance using a hacked flash of unlimited range.

He can also launch a signal rocket from under the ground.

4.As soon as the cheater falls out of your main field of vision, he can make quick movements or fall out of / under the texture.

5.Range and speed of roll forward.

6.The speed of the jump, their range and height.

7. When using a speedhack, the speed of running, riding a jumar increases,

the flight speed of tracers ащк weapon, and also the speed of all other actions increases.

For weapons, the delay between shots is proportionally reduced. There is no delay in weapon activation.

8.The cheater character does not pronounce words: you need a recharge or out of ammo.

9.Hacked game statistics, high kill rates, more than >4. Not matching the number of hours in the game.

10.A cheater can cause multiple falls of your character from any of his shots.

11.Cheater can inflict damage on your character remotely, using hacking a signal rocket through a huge radius of action.

12.Some cheaters cannot be killed from behind. The action button does not appear when you run after the cheater.

13.Cheater taking low damage. Health replenishment, quick regeneration, slowdown or stop taking damage.

14. Teleport - instantly moving character to a given point. It is easily noticeable to the eye if the character moves in your field of vision.

You see for a moment a rapidly slipping character. This is not a lag this is a teleport.

15.A player flying/lagging all over the map, which kills opponents with shots from all sides. This is a speed hacker with an uncorrected hack.

The most notable factors among cheaters with hacked controls:- Side walk speed. Lateral walking is not smooth, carried out jerkily. Sharpness of the change of direction, sharp peeping from the shelter.

- Roll after jump

- Jumps Height & Fast Jump & Far Jumps.

- There are no residual actions after running or jumping characteristic of the keyboard controls.

- There is no standard physics of gravity.


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