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Early Kairos Guide

I haven't had a chance to play Tzeentch yet, but I want to help people out, so I found this.

All credit to Reddit user: u/Rare_Cobalt


"Rush Halt Faction in your tech tree. It's the best Changing of the Ways you got and it can save you from many situations like loosing an important settlement.

After you get Halt Faction you'll want to rush Storm of Fire for even more Infantry killing power.

Rush Infernal Gateway on Kairos' tech tree. It's the best spell you have and you'll need it to clear out big blobs of infantry. This one spell alone can carry you for the whole campaign no joke.

Do not under estimate Tzeentchian magic. Rush Infernal Gateway on all of your Lore of Tzeentch casters so that even if one of your armies gets caught out or get outnumbered etc, chances are you'll still win if you play your magic right. Use your infinite barrier replenishment to waste enemy missiles and then just clear everything else out with Infernal Gateways/Blue Fires.

Winds of Magic manipulation. Fairly small mechanic but still useful to make sure all of your provinces stay either in Strong or Tempestuous. You get money bonuses for doing so.

As soon as the minor Nurgle faction is dead, rush Teclis, do not let him build up. If you get lucky you can bait him out and use Teleport Stance to kill his armies. Speaking off...

TELEPORT STANCE: Quite possibly one of the strongest mechanics you have available as Tzeentch. A guaranteed ambush battle no matter what the circumstances are as long as you have enough WoM can win you extremely important fights. Use this when you think you won't win in a regular battle.

OPEN GATES: Always useful to do when fighting a major settlement battle.

HERO ACTIONS: Cultists of Tzeentch can nuke walls, Iridescent Horrors can nuke garrisons. Use both of these actions on a major settlement multiple times before attacking to make that battle a complete joke

Have a secondary lord follow around Kairos and use him to bait out enemy armies. What you do is put the secondary lord in force march, put Kairos in ambush stance and the ai armies pretty much always fall for it. Make sure to get Kairos' blue skill that gives him massive ambush success chance.

SEVERED CLAW ROR: Getting these guys at level 10 is great, they're nearly impossible to kill and will really help out with dealing with early lizardmen monsters.

My early game army looked something like Kairos, Cultist, Iridescent Horror with Lore of Metal, Severed Claw RoR, Chaos Knights, Exalted Flamer, Fury, a couple spear marauders, and the rest blue and pink horrors.

ALLIES: You want as many allies as you can get to keep all the lizards in the Southlands distracted. They won't win many fights but it is infinitely better to have TTT use his armies to chase around random armies than to attack you as an example.

You'll first want to save Sarthoreal by transferring one of the settlements to your starting province to him before he gets wiped out. You can eventually confederate him for a free Exalted Lord of Change once your territory is secure.

You will also want to bribe the minor Slaaneshi faction to your east for a NaP, I think it costs something like 2k to 3k favor and eventually you can get an alliance with them and get Hellstriders. Do this as soon as the minor Nurgle faction is dead!!

Ally yourself with Clan Morbidus. If you are lucky they will build the artillery building which will let you get Plagueclaw Catapults through allied recruitment and will help your other allies keep the lizards at bay.

If you can try and save the Flaming Scribes from Oxyotl. The more allies the better and they'll be important in the next point.

DO NOT OCCUPY OXYOTL'S STARTING PROVINCE, RAZE IT ALL TO THE GROUND. This I only learned of recently. If you occupy any of his settlements you will gain vision of Lustria, and when that happens pretty much everyone in Lustria will declare war on you and send their armies to your lands, you cannot afford to fight a two front war in the early game. If the Flaming Scribes are still alive, let them occupy all of the settlements west of Fateweaver's Crevice or whatever it's called, you can confederate them later once they are built up and get free tier 3/4 settlements.

Learn how Tzeentchian money works!!! You will want the Stygian Well building in pretty much every minor settlement to get the percent increase to income. Make sure to also build libraries and resource buildings everywhere you can because they also give an increase.

Basically if you do all of this right the order of the Legendary Lords you'll want to kill off first will be Teclis, Oxyotl then TiktakToe. Pretty much all of these points above apply when fighting TTT, just do the same thing you did with Oxyotl.

Once TTT is dead congratulations, you survived the hard part!! This is where you can finally start getting the ball rolling, kill off Kroq-gar, keep pushing north, etc.

I usually keep my allied factions around until I conquer Nehekhara and the Southlands, after that I go back to kill off the Slaaneshi faction and confederate the Flaming Scribes so I can have the entirety of the Southern Wastes and get ready to push into Lustria.

I usually confederate Sarthoreal earlier on once Oxyotl is dead."

Here are some more tips from Reddit:


Source: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2779274214					

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