Vrising Guide (Detailed)

Vrising Guide (Detailed)

PvE - Resources And Research

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This section is more focused towards early game


When you first start up a game the first then you should do is gather some Bones and Animal Hide, after that the tutorial on the top left will demand you to build a base, and for that you'll need some Lumbers and Stones. The Tutorial will let you know that if you use right tools to gather a specific resource you'll be more effective, but if you were to use a weapon with an AoE ability most of the time you will be more time-efficient. Or you can use the Q ability of Axes to gain a short burst of attack speed. Just keep that in mind you can hit multiple resources to gather all of them at the same time, making the process way faster.

You can also lure Stone Golems and Treants to gather Lumbers, Stones and Coppers for you. It would be a great time saver when you first start the game.

Mining and Tailoring

At this stage of the game we have access to the Reinforced Bone Toosl, Copper and Sulphur, in order to progress further we need to unlock Tannery by defeating the boss "Keely The Frost Archer".

You need to farm the Bandit Encampment to loot some Coarse Thread in order to craft the next tier of armor set.

Also you can upgrade (or craft if you still haven't) your ring.

If you need Grave Dust for it you can either farm Bones and put them in Grinder or just farm the Grave Dust from high level creatures in graveyards.

After that you'll need to upgrade your Copper tools to "Merciless Copper" tools and your armor to "NightStalker" and for obtaining their respective recipes you'll need to build a Research Desk.

By interacting with the research desk you can learn a random new recipe in exchange for some Papers. Or you can also find any random recipe by killing, breaking creates and opening chests.

You can print paper, scroll and schematic with Paper Press, you'll need plant fiber and sawdust to print them. ( Paper Press' recipe is gained through scroll research)

( There is a different category describing the methods of killing the following bosses,

don't worry :3 )

After that I suggest you to make fishing rods, you need woodworking from "Rufus the Foreman". Whenever you see any hotstop in puddles, try to fish'em ! you'll need them for later.

You need the Iron set to progress further, "Quincey the Bandit King " will give you the formula for the iron weapons, and the hollowfang set, but to get there you need the bear form (comes from the Bear boss) or the explosive. (comes from Clive the firestarter)

You should use Merciless Copper to mine Irons and Quars.

You will need cotton yarn for the Hollowfang set, you will learn Loom from the boss "Beatrice the Tailor", you can get Cotton Yarn by throwing cotton in it.

You can also make yourself a beautiful cape.

Wool thread are obtained from all farms in that area, including cabinets or people.

Congratulations on reaching the games most disturbing phase, the Scourgestone phase!

You can learn the recipes of necklaces and scourgestones by killing "Leandra the Shadow Priestess" in "Church of the Damned".

After that only Octavian remains, Dark Silver and DawnThorn set are unlocked by defeating him.

Just like Hollowfang, you have to kill another boss to craft DawnThorn set (Ungora the Spider Queen).

To mine silver you need Merciless Iron tools, in order to carry more silver you need silver resistance, you can get it with cape or potion.


All of the tools and armors merciless variant can be researched form their respective desk.

Tier 1 tools and amors merciless variant can be learned from Research

Tier 2 is from Study and Tier 3 is from Athenaeum.

I always suggest you to farm paper/scrolls until the merciless weapon recipe drops, you can look at where you can farm them on the map. In the first zone, you can also farm the yarns at the same time.

PVE - Bosses And Tactics

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In order to start hunting down bosses firstly you need to place a Blood Altar to your base to track them.It's because some of the bosses roam around instead of staying in a single place, so tracking them makes it way easier to find them.

I recommend killing bosses in those order

Alpha Wolf -> Keely ->Lidia -> Clive the Firestarter -> Ferocious Bear -> Quincey

->Nicholaus -> Vincent -> Beatrice (unlocks Tailoring for new armor set ) -> Christina -> Leandra

-> Octavian (new set) -> Ungora -> Raziel -> Foulrot -> Azariel

(Ofc you may kill other bosses according to your liking but I wrote this here because it is the fastest and optimal way to beat the game. Prioritising stronger skills and the ones that unlocks new tiers)

Alpha Wolf

You don't need many tactics to kill this boss. Ff you were to effectively use your Blood Rite (counter spell) and time your Veil of Blood (blood tree dodge spell(space) ) to heal , you can kill this boss at level 10

This boss is very important because it proived a new wolf from with increased speed. You can access your available forms by pressing CTRL

Frost Archer Keely

This one ALWAYS spawns at the Bandit Trapper Camp, and doesn't have much mechanics, goes invisable now and than and shoots 3 arrows. When the bosses Health gets low she starts to rain down arrows that inflict "chill" status and if you get hit by another arrow when you're "chilled" it makes you "freeze" and unable to move.

She's an important boss because she unlocks Tannery, which allows you to craft "Nightstalker" set.

Chaos Archer Lidia

She unlocks one of the strongest skill called Chaos Volley, Nightstalker set, copper weapons and a decent ring is advised, makes the fight easier.

Her abilities are similar to Keely, shoots 3 arrows (instead of a cone like attack she shoots them one by one) goes invisable and when her Health is low starts to rain down arrows that burns and inflict damage over time.

She roams a lot so you have to track her via Blood Altar

Firestarter Clive

To be honest,he has no mechanics at all. Just places bombs and runs, throws easy to dodge bombs that explode over and over again. The real deal is the other non-boss enemies in the arena, if you clear before the boss fight it will be a walk in the park.

Honestly you don't need to kill this boss to progress in the game, you can kill the Bear Boss instead to breaking the entrance to Quincy, but alchemy is usually a handy tool.

Or you can also make explosives from sulphur to explode wooden bases :3

Always spawns at Bandit Sulphur Quarry.

(west of Farbane Woods)

Beer the Bear JKJK Ferocious Bear

If you're low level you can barely kill this one

I sometimes can't bare this boss

Ok no more bear puns sowwy ;.;

You don't have to use any skills when it charges to you, you can poke the boss from a ditance with either a bow or a spear, you have to use a dodge or a counter when the boss starts to glow red and gains attack speed. ( I advise Blood Rite )

or you can use The HORSE LORD!

Just hop on a horse and hit the bear while constantly circeling around it, you can dodge it's attack very easily with that trick, just another walk in the park.

If you have killed Clive you don't have to kill this one, otherwise you'll need to use Bear Form to break the barricade at the enterance of the Quincey.

Bandit King Quincey

There is a barricade in the enterance that you must break with either the explosives from Clive or the Bear form from well The Bear Boss.

Fight is not that hard tho, in the first phase he charges once and opens up a shield,try not to hit that shield, at lows Health he charges three times then stuns himself, you should hit on that stun window. You can walk out from one charge but you should use a dodge and a counter spell for the other two charges.

You should dodge almost all of his attacks towards his backside .

Unlocks Iron equipmenst and a requirement Tailoring which means now you're ready for the next tier. Yaaay!

(You'll have to kill another boss to unlock Tailoring tho)

Fallen Nicholaus

Some people prefer to kill this one before crafting an Iron Weapon but it doesn't serve any purpose that way. He is very easy to kill with an Iron Weapon. Doesn't have that much mechanics , summons skeletons, has a couple of attacks, you can kill him with just one death, focus on killing archer skeletons, you can literally keep the rest alive the whole fight, you can AoE them down with either Swords Q ability or Slashers Q (but I don'T recommend Slasher in pve) . Use your Chaos Valley whenever you can to hit the boss, and if you have Iron Sword you can use E skill aswell.

Ward of the Damned skill will be sooooooo usefull in the longrun, and also Study is like a must have.

Frostbringer Vincent

He's not that hard until his Health is low, only pops up sheilds now and then. When his Health is low he hits like a truck when there is ice under hes feet, you must save dodges or counters for that mechanic. (or you can save your Slahers invis, Q or Swords E)

Veil of Frost dodge is one of the best dodges in the game. (Chaos dodge is also a great dodge situationaly)

And you can use the Prison Cell to imprison pureblooded (100%) humans for TEN THOUSAND YEARS ! this will help you a lot in the early game.

Tailor Beatrice

Beatrice does NOT attack you at all, but keeps running around and pull other packs of mobs, if you were to purge the city before the fight it will be way easier. if you use Veil of frost you can make the fight a bit easier.

She unlocks Loom for Tailoring, that way you can craft tailoring equipments.

Now all you need to do is grind wool threads to craft the new set of armor.

Sun Priestess Christina

This boss is even more annoying than others, she has both counter ability and self heal. You NEED to interrupt the self heal ability with hard CC (Stun/Incap/Knockup).

You can use weapons with those, Sword E,Slasher E, Mace E works very well.

Different from other bosses, hit the boss! Ignore the adds! This is a DPS check, make sure that you don't hit boss directly when she casts her counter ability! You can hit her with sword Q or other non-targeted damage options.

This boss is not necessary to progress in the game, but purgatory is a really good spell. If you are solo you can prefer to use Chaos Volley + Ward of the damned in pve.

(If you are in a group, one person should use purgatory)

PVE - Bosses And Tactics『 Part 2 』

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Remaining bosses:

Leandra -> Octavian (new set) -> Ungora -> Raziel -> foulrot -> Azariel

Shadow Priestess Leandra

Before reaching this boss, you might need to kill a mini-boss Undead Commander,

he hits very slowly, you can even move to his back before he finishes his attack,when he spins forward or shoots chains (Recognizable with audio cue) you can block with ward of the damned, it will be really easy in that case. (You can kill small skeletons with purgatory, then switch your skill to chaos Volley)

When you reach the real boss, she always spawns weird spirits, you need to dodge or block them, this is extremely important. If you spawn skeletons with ward of the damned, those spirits explode on your skeletons. A very nice advantage. Make sure than you dodge three orbs the boss shoots.

(I mostly move behind the boss)

This boss' knowledge will allow you to craft scourgestone and scourgestone amulets, do not progress further without crafting them.

Militia Captain Octavian

It is the most annoying FRUSTRATING boss if you don't know his old trick. ;) WINKY FACE *hehe*

I recommend using sword and blood rite STRONGLY, because you are immune during those, barriers are mostly useless as his spin is not a direct hit.

His first 2 attacks are really important, firstly he leaps and attacks, can be blocked with anything, you may even use ward of the damned for pve to summon and mess with aggro.

Then he casts something like a sword E, this hits you even if you use a barrier!!!!

So use bloodrite, or dodge it.

After his health gets low he screams "HERE IS AN OLD TRICK" and starts to spin to win, when this happens I cast blood rite, and move through him, as I am immune for 1,5 seconds, I mostly circle around him after, if he is coming at me again I cast sword E and re-cast for further immunity.

You might die at the first few times, you get better with each death dw <3!

His knowledge will allow you to make a new set, you might directly go farm silver and scourge stone and make a dark silver weapon, or kill Ungora to make new armor set :3

Spider Qween Ungora

Only the spider is safe on her web (Elise)

I am EXTREMELY ARACHNOPHOBIC, I really got disgusted while moving here, they are so disgusting >~<

Anyway, after clearing the den you reach this boss, if you made a new weapon it is extremely easy, I prefer to kill it without making it

When you break the cocoon smol spiders might spawn from those, but still you should use those cocoons to hide from projectiles, she has a spell that shoots out her tongue and pulls you, easy to dodge. I recommend ward of the damned to block projectile swarm.

Allows you to craft the new armor set via ghost yarn. (Similliar to beatrice in that sense)

Raziel the Shepherd Baah

Head of the Dunley Monastery, he believes in the light! To kill him, you need to drink holy resistance potion. (Well... It is extremely hard without it, like EXTREMELY, you need to heal each other frequently and be in a group, I had another friend with me, he was shielding me from out of the monastery, behind the walls xD )

So yeah, please make that holy resistance potion from alchemy station.

Well, if you craft the new set and armor it will be very easy fight.

You need his knowledge to unlock tier 3 research, for the last sets.

Soultaker Foulrot

He is at the right most ancient village, I recommend you to clear the city first, if something attacks you from there during the battle, it will be annoying to deal with.

He has some important mechanics to know, you need to save your counter/dodge to his attack

where he comes out from invisiblity. The banshees he spawn does kamikaze attacks at you, make sure that you don't get stuck between trees. (But you can hide behind them) Or dodge them before they explode. They deal immensely high damage, so again make sure that you do not get stuck between trees without a dodge. I Needed to put some emphasis here.

This is not that important boss for PvE but his skill is really strong for PvP , and the cape is really useful :3

Lightbringer Azariel

You again need a holy resistance potion, greater one is recommended ,but definetely doable with weaker one, but still will be a challange.

I recommend you to kill the werewolf to learn the greater one.

Umm... Only mechanic is ... don't get close to damn pillars of light at sides, they kinda spam waves of light. But you can use ward of the damned to summon skeletons while tanking them at very close range, turn your curse into your strength!

But yeah, boss also does a similliar attack to that, you can use your dodge or barrier to get close to him during that time.

This was the last boss here (for progress), I will mention about other bosses at speedrun part, he unlocks gold bar formula, you can create better amulets :3 (Others may have skills that you may need ofc :3)


This fight is actually dodge and dps check, you need to drink greater holy resistance flask, I mostly kill him using only spells, so I suggest witch potion really much too. (Veil of frost , chaos volley, sanguine coil). You need scholar blood above 60%, lifesteal from spells is really important.

I use slasher for mobility, you can dodge big damage stuff with it's Q ,or you can reset the aggro of fallen angel with it's E, but you should also use crossbow to auto attack (I don't do that I can play with slashers only, but it is extremely risky) . Deal most damage to solarus, if you cannot reach him for some reason, feel free to poke angel. (But do not make angel go below 60%,at least that's how I play), when Solarus' hp is 30% , he will become invulnerable, you will need to kill fallen angel during that time. Angel will become a Fallen Angel and fight for you, she will break the shield of Solarus but Solarus will regain some hp . (to 50%), he will have an immensely strong leap attack, ALWAYS save your dodge to this, otherwise it is a death sentence (Even from full hp). You will need to kill Fallen Angel after solarus dies, it will be easy but the lower HP angel has after Solarus, the easier it will be.

Simply, use chaos volley off cooldown, always refresh your hp with sanguine coil. If you are gonna take some damage, use the shield of veil of frost, try to dodge attacks without dodge ability mostly, if you are free to shoot, shoot with crossbow, but the angel might hurt you in the process.

You will get better after each death if you struggle.


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So... I always build my bases around keeping 3 soul shards, so this category will prioritize maximum security, it will include servant positioning and choosing as well. You may want to build/use different house for crafting stations, or use some leftover spaces from defenses. Do not expect organized houses, pure defenses.

(You of course don't need to obey the rules here by 100%, this is a general idea just for THE MOST secure base you can build.)

I will give information about Positioning, Honeycombing (Wall spam) and servants.

Positioning(Definetely the most important part)

First of all, the most important thing is building the base with MORE THAN ONE castle hearts, golems struggle to breach the first wall/door. The players can hit rest of the walls or just use explosives as well, so even if there are 30 walls back to back it doesn't mean much if the enemy is rich. That's why we need to make use of the heights in the hills, we can force them to a single entrance and make sure our servants are unskippable, but literally no hill has only one entrance, so let me show you one of my tricks;

Even if there are 3 entrances, you force the base to have "only one entrance", you can spam the servants at that place to make them unskippable. (With unskippable I mean there are no other ways that attackers can go around, and must fight with servants). And castle heart must be behind this said room, otherwise castle heart can be destroyed with a key while someone holds the aggro. (In hard pvp and non-solo)

Here comes the fun part, another huge advantage of this positioning, USING THE TOMBS FOR DEFENSES.

We will put servants to the red places, and tombs to the purpleplaces.

Oh I hear a question "B-but why wouldn't tombs attack us?", That's a good question, let me show you why.

Especially pay attention to the second picture, the 36 banshees will keep wandering inside the fences till I decide to unlock the gates. (Also they are locked with walls on the front side), I only produce them during the pvp hours. If the enemy has successfully breached the castle, I mostly try to remain inside, and let the banshees out, just for them to wonder WHO LET THE BANSHEES OUT?

So, this way my base is protected by 18 servants and 72 banshees (with 24 more on queue instantly), It's way more efficient and stronger than 26 walls honeycombed, but why not both? :3

So you can try to stop the golem/raiders while they are breaking the walls? (Especially if you shoot chaos volleys from windows I WILL EXPLAIN! :3 )

You can even honeycomb like this, while golem is trying to attack the front window (That can't be closed), you can shoot behind the second one even ranged ultimates, summon fallen angel/assassin etc.

Example mistake in servant placement; (hard pvp)

Even if a single person comes through, keeps the aggro, then another person might come in and destroy the castle heart, just to delete the servants. (Both can arctic leap in order, first guy leaps and interacts , at the last second other guy leaps, while servants are in CC heart will be destroyed, that's why you need to protect the heart.)

To have the best spot for servant placement, you don't actually need to build to hills.

You can just spread the room to a really wide area.

(I can't do it in this case due to my weird placement of 2 castles, but you can build another impassable servant areas)

Also try to choose proper places for honey combing as well, I will explain.


As you see in the pictures above, putting way too many walls is a nice defensive strategy. (Especially if there are windows that you can access as I have said above, which to shoot golems through)

Why too many walls? Well, you can all-in attack the golem, even if you die walls stall a lot till you respawn and you can try again. But there is a little counter to this, after the first wall/door is breached, attackers may spam explosives (3 big explosives for a castle wall), they can breach 25 walls with just 75 explosives if they are rich.

The most ideal places to honeycomb are like the places that you can lock down with walls, then you can spam even more walls behind.

Look at the picture below, the castle below is just for placing the walls, this is LITERALLY THE BEST PLACE in the game, you can put way too many walls.

At the edges like this, or at the hills you can honeycomb till the elavation. Let me show another example from the old pictures.

As you see in the left picture, the weakest entrace in on the right, only need to destroy 6 walls to reach the servant room, thus you don't need to have more than equivalent of 6 walls in other side, but this doesn't mean just 6 walls, in case there is a shortcut, let me show a few examples, and how to optimise it.


At the left one, you can reach to servant room with 4-5 breaches from both entrances, if we set them to 6 entrances, we can have more space to build. (Only relevant assuming enemy is using their brain to breach from lowest entrance, otherwise making all entrances it's max strength makes sense, but to a good player, your base is only as strong as your weakest entrance.)

Or you can deliberately leave one side weaker to put more tombs to that side :3


I actually don't need to give much detail in this part, if you are new you can ENTIRELY choose random servants, just to fill the coffins. Then you can get the same servant with higher blood % to replace the old one. (Before killing the old one, make sure to get the armor from it, otherwise you will lose the armor.)

For the End-game servants I recommend 6 clerics + 2 paladins + 1 lightweaver. (5-2-2 ,6-1-2 viable as well)

Enemy might use a holy resistance flask, this is mostly for stalling and destroying the golem, it is incredibly hard to dps check 6 clerics heal and shields.

You should just take them without checking their blood %'s first, then replace the old ones if you see a higher % one to get more expertise.


Remember edges of the houses, those spots that can't be claimed, enemies can land there. If there are fences, they can be destroyed with melee(non-golem) during castle pvp hours, also enemy can land there and backdoor your castle, so your chests and tombs might be destroyed from behind, you can position servants accordingly maybe, but since they can't bring a key or such it's not much of a problem, unless they drop all items in your chests and delete it.

Also be careful of the toad-form or horse-jumping early game, make sure to put walls to the sides of the door that is at top of the elevation.

PVP - Loadout (Slightly Outdated, Pre-nerfs)

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Vrising Guide (Detailed) image 217 Ultimates
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For PVP in general you need to use 1 defensive, 1 offensive(dmg), 2 movement skills.

2 Movement skills mostly includes movement impairing skills too, mostly one of your dash, other can be either an ability that pulls your opponent(or freeze, slow), or a "charge" (sword e for example)

Some builds can include defensive spell as a dodge/weapon, or even some builds may only have offensive ones with weapon, I Do not recommend those much but they are viable builds.

I Will split this place into "Offensive, Defensive, Mobility(dodge specifically), , Weapons, and blood types. (I will only put the ones I recommend)

OffensiveChaos Volley

The most powerful spell in terms of damage, every non-ice build should include this spell. Deals more damage than some ultimates if you can land both, fast channel, interruptable for bait.

Ice Spells

Those skills are good when you have another source of chill, frost bat is easy to cast, and might be better situationally. (Has 2 charges too)

(Veil of frost -> mace E -> frost bat is an incredibly fast combo, very hard to react)

^ Can be combined with arctic leap and spear Q for 100 to 0 if crits. (After first 2 hits, it's a true combo depending on distance and will insta-kill) (You can put spectral assasin before spear q too)

Crystal Lance is however slower, but is a better follow up to longer stuns/icaps. Or you can even shoot it near the opponent and freeze from unexpected directions. (Better in group fights)

Hybrid Abilities (Both offensive and defensive

Sanguine Coil

This is a bit defensive version of Chaos Volley, can be useful at group fights. You can heal your low health allies or yourself, or you may shoot it at enemies to life steal and deal some ok dmg.

(can hold 3 charges)

Power Surge / Blood rage

If you don't have this blood rage is not a bad alternative. Power Surge is able to cleanse debuffs over you or your allies, it is a HUGE advantage. It is extremely good with axe due to attack speed and shield (allows you to play a bit reckless, even if you take the hit from autos or some spells, you will still win the dmg trade.)

Wisp Dance

Well... I know you need to kill the behemoth first, that's the problem. But it is extremely good spell on sword builds, you can use it before sword Q, it reduces enemies damage, and deals ok dmg, but you can throw them for even more damage!

DefensiveMist Trance

It refreshes your weapons' Q ability AND allows you to teleport to a position when you get hit by a projectile or a melee attack. One of the best PvP skills

Blood Rite

This is also a counter ability. (Triggers when hit by a melee attack or a projectile) After being hit you are immune, but you can still attack during this. (It knocks back enemies a bit and regens some hp.)

Chaos Barrier

This barrier spell is also a movement impairing spell, it pulls your enemy to you, this is a very strong counter of chaos volley. When the enemy is pulled at you, you can follow up with CC for a combo opener.

Frost Barrier

If you are using ice spells, this should be your go-to defensive spell. If enemy is hitting at you while moving slowly or none, they get chilled. (Again good against chaos volley, they take the first hit)

Allows you to freeze the enemy.

Dodge(Movement)Veil of Chaos/Illusion

Both of them have similliar strength, they both allows you to "move" twice, chaos damages a good area, illusion shoots projectiles. Damages aren't important, they are good for using movement skills twice. (Good at doding big spells etc.)

Veil of Frost

Less mobility than other dodges, but has tremendously more attack and shield compared to other dodges. Chills the enemy.

You may use veil of blood instead if you are not using frost spells, it regends hp (a lot less than this shield). (Frost is better in group fights)


IT IS A MUST IN EVERY TEAM! (You need fallen angel in 4 v 4 too)

Can hit multiple times, freezes, provides mobility. You are immune during jump. YES. YES


If you don't need anything VERY defensive, I suggest using this. Do not use it if enemy is not in CC, they can react with their own arctic leap.

Other ultimates, mostly situational

Fallen Angel

Extremely important in team fights, amplifies enemy damage taken, deals good dmg and tanks for a while. You can combine this with spectral guardian in 4 v 4 fights.

Spectral Guardian

A situational ultimate which provides good defense in 4 v 4 battles. Not much... Can tank some projectiles too


Heartu Stirik I selled my offensive for health connection.(Yes, supposed to be bad grammar)

A goodish ultimate in group battles, provides "defense" to you only, can deal very good aoe damage into compact enemies. Not so bad in 1 v 1, but only recommended when you only need defense to yourself.

Merciless Charge

HAHA YOU ARE DONE! -Bakko (Yeah battlerite ultimate)

A good option when you don't have much ultimates, can follow cc's for a really good cc chain. Good use when you outnumber the enemy.


I recommend using multiple weapons even though their skills share the cooldown.

Crossbow is really hard to land in pvp,it is still ok to use for skills, and only swap out to shoot once to cc'ed opponents, deals good damage if you hit nonetheless. I recommend Sword/Spears/Slashers A LOT. E abilities prove mobility, slasher Q can slow and allows you to dodge. (You can dodge sword E etc)

As level bonuses doesn't work in pvp, I swap out to general's soul scythe before casting any spell for further spell amplification. (Level related armor is ignored, but ofc hp, spell strength etc matter)

Blood types

Even if you have one damage spell in your build, mostly go 100% scholar. But in a group you always need at least 1 rogue 100%

Rogue 100% is good with Veil of Chaos, allows you to expose armor after each dodge.

Warrior 100% is a good alternative, provides good defense, and has ok offensive stats.

Brute 100% is good in only axe auto attack builds, has ok self sustain.


Vrising Guide (Detailed) image 284


Did you know you could interrupt your own spell cast? No no, not without another spell. Just with button X.

If you interrupt your spell at very last seconds,you can bait enemies dodge or defensive spells.


Best spells for baiting: Sword E, Chaos Volley (Requires practice), Crystal Lance

Playstyles depending on builds

Yeah, I have to talk about loadouts here too. I will talk about my favorite weapon/spell combos.

Sword Build

Sword- Wisp Dance - Mist Trance

While dealing sustained dmg with Q, you can damage with Wisp Dance at the same time, exceptionally strong follow up for sword E, if Mist Trance triggers, you can continue to deal unblockable damage with sword Q! (Counters and barriers doesn't block it because it is not direct-damage)

Always try to bait spells with Sword E feint.

Auto attack build (Mainly Axe)

Axe + Slashers / Mist trance / Power Surge / Arctic Leap

(I recommend taking slasher with it, has stronger E)

We will use axe's attack speed buff from it's Q, it is really good to take a shield spell (NOT BARRIER) to deal reckless damage during that buff, best in slot is Power Surge.

You can take Mist trance to reset Axe's Q, it is also extremely good defensive option that allows you to position. For offensive spell chaos volley, and arctic leap.

Baltanın veya Slasher'ın E sini tutturduğunuzda arctic leap ile devam ettirin.


(I do not recommend this much, you might need 2 offensive spells)

Mace/Slashers and Spear

For chilling and freezing:

Veil of frost / Frost bat / Frost Barrier (+slasher + any weapon)

One shot build:

Veil of Frost/Frost Bat/ Spectral Assassin (+spear+ mace)

Full combo:

Veil of Frost opener for chill, then incap (Mace is fastest, almost impossible to react without knowing it's coming), follow up with another ice spell (Fastest is frostbat), after freeze use arctic leap IMMEDIATELY, then put spectral assassin into ground, then use spear Q , during spear Q they cannot dodge due to hitstun, and spectral assassin will hit. Then you can re-cast spear Q, it mostly kills. (IS a true combo after first incap hit,no way to react.) If you have high spell power (Especiall potiones, stones, 100% scholar blood) it mostly kills the enemy.

Veil of Frost ile açtıktan sonra herhangi bir silahın incapini atın (mümkünse mace en hızlısı o),

Other than those comps, use general idea in loadout (1 defensive, 1 offensive, 2 mobility), I always use at least 2 different weapons to adapt to situation with weapon skills.

Situational Cases (Those cases are hard to happen, but gives extreme advantage)

We deliberately recorded them like this, they are scripted (except sword E feint xd)

If enemy uses Arctic Leap on you without CC'ing you, ah horrible mistake. follow up with arctic leap, you dodge enemies one, but you hit them with theirs. With perfect timing it's extremely effective, but you don't even have to react fast.

While running from the enemy, dash with veil of illusion to a cliff, jump down, if enemy jumps down with you, teleport back. Guaranteed escape :3

You can use crystal lance on something else on battlefield (deals less damage, but really good for freezing from weird angles, hard to dodge if you know what you are doing)

Since enemy realises it is not going to hit it, it might not bait their dodge spell or barriers, it mostly freezes them :3

Speedrun - Advanced

Vrising Guide (Detailed) image 324

To run a speedrun you need game knowledge, and really good mechanics, I will assume you have read other parts, or you already knew them. You can kill every boss even though you are 8-10 levels below them. (It will be hard!!)

All my strategies in bosses part can work here extremely well.

After you complete the training part, you directly kill alpha wolf, craft a reinforced set. Then you will need a merciless copper weapon, you can kill firestarter or farm paper. (We will make Lidia and skeletons fight if we can intersect them, it will be easier to kill this part can be skipped for now, you will learn chaos volley faster this way. Will help a lot in case of random pvp battles.)

You go to 2nd zone get a horse, kill the bear with horse lord strategy spinning around him. Then break quincey's barricade with bear form and kill him. (Again you can do horse lord xd)

Farm the iron with the merciless copper you crafted, kill beatrice, make the new armor set. (You will need chaos volley at that point, if you haven't killed lidia yet you can kill her easily now)

Kill octavian with Iron sword, blood rite,chaos volley.

Before getting silver, we need merciless iron. You probably have enough scrolls at this point,

and kill nicholaus while wandering around that part, you can craft dark silver now.

For farming scourge stone, here is my route:

Around 4 if you see with at road, kill it. If you do not find one, do not search for it.

At this route, you need to teleport there, clear witch huts, search chests of villages ,kill banshees and skeleton priests.

After you made the new weapon, you can kill Ungora really easily. Now farm other materials and make an armor set, you are now level 70!

I learn holy resistance flask, kill the priestess, learn sanguine crossbow formula.

I kill styx, learn bat form, then kill The Winged Horror and enjoy my soulshard. (This has to be the first souldshard you get to kill others fast! I think this boss is kinda easy to kill compared to others, but I recommend watching videos to memorise attacks, I use sanguine coil and chaos bolt, crossbow.)

With soulshard buff Behemoth (Gorecrusher) is A LOT easier, it requires A LOT OF SKILL, I recommend you kill it alone.

(If you have friends, they can stay out, and take the aggro and run away and stall while you run back or regenerate HP, but It is doable with crossbow, chaos bolt, sanguine coil still.)

A lot easier with souldshard and scholar blood ofc.

Then Solarus is left, I recommend using EVERY POTION before going there. (Especially greater holy resistance and witch potion.) If you have souldshards, it will be easy with even 60% scholar.

Please read the fight from PVE - Bosses and Tactics part 2

Tips And Tricks

I mostly included every tip in it's respective parts >~< So only one thing is left to say here,

Getting sanguine coil faster

at the iron mines you can make "BlEsS thiS ShOt" Archer (Meredith) and undead commander fight to kill them easily.

I will edit this part if I remember something cannot be fit into other parts of the guide :p


Thanks for putting in effort to read my guide!

I will update this when there is new content :3

I wrote this guide originally 4 months ago, game kinda died and I lost my motivation to translate my own guide.

(original one is in Turkish: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2819854521)

Also thanks for VrisingTR to allow me to use their discord banner photo :3

Also thanks for Raikuz to help me translate my own guide!

You can add me on steam if you have any questions, or you can ask in comments :3

Source: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2820699079					

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